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We call doc “crafty modern” because we’re fond of
double entendres, but also because it’s just a great
name for it: modern furniture that’s cleverly versatile
(bench-table-media centers and
wall-divider-shelf-systems allow you to play with
the pieces just like we play with materials. Why
should we have all the fun?), and embodies the
utmost in craft—highest-quality materials and workmanship mingling to make pieces that last
a lifetime
. That final thing is also at the core of
doc’s sustainability statement. doc is no more
and certainly no less than gorgeous things that
last pretty much forever. Green is as green does.

doc takes its name from SMFD founder Skylar
Morgan’s grandfather; a casual, endearing
nickname for a furniture line that embodies the
practical, essentially functional side of modern. The
doc line of lifestyle furnishings contains all manner
of tables, credenzas, bookcases, storage, seating and other lovely accessories in walnut, white oak
and reclaimed pine in a handy rainbow of very
friendly colors and authentic, natural finishes.